The Football Coach profession can be seen from a social and pedagogical point of view: from this perspective, the coach can be considered as a specialized social agent. This statement is based on the fact that football is a social activity and the coach contributes to the construction of said activity, since he educates, conveys experiences and teaches in this context. From football and through the Coach’s action, it is possible:

- To contribute to improving an individual’s social behavior.

- To promote his/her growth.

- To upgrade his/her education, fostering the shared enjoyment of the activity.

From this perspective, the coach is more than a simple football team leader and trainer, and so is stated in ATFA bylaws where he is defined as “the one who carries out the psycho-technical preparation of the teams he leads”, which brings us to his delicate mission of forming and leading people (and not just players) of different ages, according to the human group he is in charge of.

The field of action of coaches is broad: they may exercise their profession in different environments, such as leading professional and/or amateur teams, creating, managing and/or teaching in childhood and youth football schools, working in the junior and senior divisions of a club, organizing the recreational practice of this sport in different institutions and even promoting and managing the ever-growing practice of women’s football.

This wide range of job opportunities constitutes a challenge for the career, as it implies providing the future Coach with the necessary tools to work with children and/or adolescents as well as with adults, either for high-level competition or for their psychophysical development and leisure.

FOOTBALL – License C
  • Length

    7 months + On-site Final Exam

  • Requirements (as of August 1st, 2020)

    • Minimum age: 18 years
    • High School or Advanced Degree: transcript / study certificate
    • Alternative: Students who have passed more than 75% of Secondary Level can also start the different Careers and Courses. The License will be granted upon submission of complete High School Degree.
    • Local Document or passport
    • Certificate of psycho-physical fitness
    • Certificate of criminal records
    • Proof of address or similar document, which will be verified with the corresponding embassy/foreign office, in case of change of address during the course.
    • Digital photo - size similar to that included in the document
    • Send to info-campusvirtual@atfa.com.ar

    Additional requirements for Non-resident Applicants

    • Annex 9 – CONMEBOL
    • CV or Résumé
    • Send to info-campusvirtual@atfa.com.ar


    • Basic computer and technology skills
    • Devices to be used must be modern. Internet service must guarantee a stable connection, throughout the session, particularly during sessions where you will complete the choice exams and/or the activities that include use of the following Tools: CVA VideoAnalysis, CVA PlayMaker and CVA VideoUpload.



    Mandatory requirements for non-resident applicants in territory of CM (Convention Member)

    Click here to download form


    License C – Grassroots Football up to 12 years.

    It enables to work on children's orientation from 6 to 12 years old. (Approved and recognized by CONMEBOL)

    It is one of the mandatory requirements to study and obtain License B.

    • Introductory Subject
    • Effective Communication: Techniques and Strategies
    • Biological and physiological principles of sports training
    • Introduction to Neurosciences
    • Psychological and didactic principles of sports training
    • Physical Principles of sports training
    • Basic concepts of Technique and Training
    • Basic concepts of Tactics
    • Pedagogical principles of sports training
    • Laws of the game
    • Methodological principles for the organization of childhood classes
    • Practice hours required for this level: 40.

    On-site Attendance

    In compliance with CONMEBOL requirements, students taking the different licenses courses must perform monitoring (observation outside the field of play) and/or internships (observation inside the field of play and auxiliary interventions) and/or practical assignments (performed by the student as a coach) for a minimum of hours as detailed in each type of license.

    The objective is to encourage learning in the context of a club using the acquired knowledge, skills and attitude to deal with real game situations, combining reflection and theoretical construction with activity and practice.

    These activities must be carried out with teams that, according to the license to be obtained, train in competitive and recreational football schools and/or affiliated clubs in the country of residence.

    We suggest planning in advance the selection of the institution and the authorization to carry out these activities therein. The student will have several weeks during the development of the different subjects to complete them, and having completed the required number of subjects is an essential condition to access the final exam of the license.

    The accreditation of the hours completed in any of the suggested modalities must be certified by the hosting institution. Such certification must meet the following requirements: it must be submitted on paper bearing the entity letterhead, the subscriber's signature, name and position, and it must contain the student's data, the number of hours of internships, monitoring or practical assignments completed and the categories in which they have been carried out.

    If the hosting institution allows it, we suggest accompanying this certification with photos and/or recordings showing the attendance and/or the activities developed by the student in it, which will be uploaded to the platform through the uploading tool, where the student can be seen doing monitoring, internships or practical assignments.

    To complete the necessary hours required by CONMEBOL, students will perform, also in the case of their on-site exams, hours of assessment work during the concentration that will be held from Monday to Friday. In this case, not only the objectives proposed for the activities will be qualified, but also aspects related to the group management, the adequate planning of the activity and the ability to comply with the different aspects related to this activity.



    • • Help you become aware of the requirements of the distance education system that you are starting, which depends on your complete availability and responsibility.
    • • Complete a diagnostic assignment, on which you will receive feedback from the teacher regarding your strengths and weaknesses in reading comprehension and writing skills to take on this career.
    • • Replicate the structure of the career subjects, which will help you to familiarize with the necessary self-discipline to study the reading material and complete an activity about it, with the demands of an exam and a minimum mark to pass the assignment.
    • The published material consists of two parts, which you must answer, following this order:
    • • Diagnostic test of Written Expression and Reading Comprehension Skills.
    • • Lesson on learning self-management skills, exercises and choice exam about its contents.

    CVA is made up of the Academic Department, Teachers Team, Administrative Department and Technical Department.

    In CVA, the Classrooms, which are equivalent to the Academic Terms of an On-site School, start their activities every month, so you will always be in time to start your studies.

    The course is per subject, in the order established by CVA, which may be modified at its own discretion. In turn, each subject and the written material are published in Lesson format.

    The aggregate of all lessons determines the completion of the subject and the beginning of the next one, and so on until completing the Study Program.

    Assignments with due date: in the section News of the ELearning Site, known as CVA, the Students access “Assignments with due date”, where they can find an activities chart, with details, names, deadlines and the remaining days for the expiration of submission date. Likewise, students will find colors alert, the toning of which will vary as the established deadline is closer or farther.

    Educational Videos: the Site contains Videos, recorded in HD and FHD, which are part of the technical subjects.

    Technological tools and innovative support elements: free unrestricted access for Students.

    CVA VideoTag: access to new and innovative working tools: over the last years, professional football clubs have been incorporating coaches with expertise in scouting and video analysis into their teamwork. The CVA site has a tool now used by the Professional Football Coaching Staffs worldwide, which is a way to get closer to football real-time.

    CVA PlayMaker: access to new and innovative working tools that are useful in the preparation of training sessions and matches. It allows creating animated plays in a very simple and dynamic way. It provides the opportunity of preparing, in different areas and zones of the field of play and with a variety of working material (cones, hurdles , etc.), plays that can be shared and watched on video in a simple way.

    CVA VideoUpload: access to new and innovative working tools that are helpful in the preparation of training sessions and matches. It allows uploading videos with practical assignments required by the Teachers Team.

    CVA uses the following means to assess and grade Students:

    Connection to the website: once a day, whenever the Student has time available.

    Multiple choice: partial and final assessment method. The system publishes the mark automatically, once the allotted time ends, or when the Student presses Finish. Minimum passing mark: 6.

    Exercises: assignments must be submitted within the stipulated term. They will be assessed and graded by the Teacher of each subject. Minimum passing mark: 6.

    Make-up exam: the Student will be eligible for this instance if he passes more than 75% of the choice exams and more than 75 % of the exercises.

    Course repetition: when the passing percentage is less than 75%, the Student must take the subject again, which implies taking it from scratch, paying the corresponding fees.

    The Career includes the following sections:

    Virtual Section: studied via Internet, which has a length of 7 months.

    On-site – Practice Hours: while taking the virtual section, the Student adds practice hours, by attending an affiliated club: an organization affiliated to a FIFA Member Association.

    Once the virtual section is approved and the required Practice Hours are completed, the Student can sit for the On-site Final Exam, which lasts one week and includes the following:

    On-site attendance – Final Practical Assignment: in the previous stage, the Student sends the exercise, which must be approved in order to participate in the final stage.

    Then, the Student makes the oral presentation to the evaluation committee at our premises.

    On-site – field of play and classroom activities: students alternate field work with video and debates on different technical principles, tactical systems and training methods addressed in the subjects.

    Once all instances are approved, the Student will receive the following documents:

    - Grassroots Football Coach Certificate

    - Scope of application: It enables to work on children's orientation from 6 to 12 years old

    - Transcript

    - QR Badge


    1- Recording personal information


    Click Enter ELearning Site here

    Click I am New – help on line: how can I enroll?

    Enter the required data. Send and Accept.

    Then the system sends an e-mail that the applicant must confirm with a Click, which enables him to sign up for each subject, starting with:

    2- Introductory Subject Enrollment


    Click ELearning Site

    Enter User and Password

    Click Career “Common Subjects”/Introductory Subject/Pre-enrollment/Confirm

    From that moment, the Academic Department begins contact with the Student.


    2023 Fees (valid until December 31, 2023)

    Virtual Section: 7 monthly payments

    On-site section: 2 monthly payments

    Basic course fees

    Monthly payment US$ 300.- U.S. dollars/individual fee

    Means of payment: Visa – MasterCard

    Payment terms and Receipts

    From 1st to 12th: no extra charge

    In the period from the 13th to the 15th, the student will have the possibility to pay the monthly fee together with the Administrative Fee, equivalent to 6% of the monthly fee. If no notification of payment is received, together with the corresponding proof of payment, access to the Elearning Site will be denied as of the 16th.

    Students that do not comply with the above may apply for a new vacancy, in the next Classroom.

    Please bear in mind that payments made by credit card/in cash are immediately allocated. When paying through bank deposit/transfer, please send the corresponding proof of payment to


    Official receipts are system-generated and published in My Account button.

    Make-up Exams

    Free of charge

  • Academic Schedule
    • Classroom 203 -------> January 1, 2023
    • Classroom 204 -------> February 5, 2023
    • Classroom 205 -------> March 5, 2023
    • Classroom 206 -------> April 2 April, 2023
    • Classroom 207 -------> May 7, 2023
    • Classroom 208 -------> June 4, 2023
    • Classroom 209 -------> July 2, 2023
    • Classroom 210 -------> August 6, 2023
    • Classroom 211 -------> September 3, 2023
    • Classroom 212 -------> October 1, 2023
    • Classroom 213 -------> November 5, 2023
    • Classroom 214 -------> December 3, 2023

    1. Call CENARD (011) 4704-1600 and contact Mr. Sergio Palma’s assistant, or the person in charge of this function, to schedule a date to sign the documentation.

    2. Go to Dirección Nacional de Deporte Federado (National Sports Board) under the sphere of Ministerio de Desarrollo Social (Ministry of Social Development) of Argentina, located at Miguel B. Sanchez Av. 1050, City of Buenos Aires, with the documents you need to apostille, so that Mr. Sergio Palma signs them. This procedure is free of charge.

    3. Then go to Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Authentications/ Apostille sector.

    Address: Esmeralda 1214 City of Buenos Aires

    Days and business hours: Monday through Friday, 8.30 a.m. through 1.30 p.m.

    Phone number: (011) 4819-7000

    A fee must be paid for this procedure.

    The procedure mentioned above can also be carried out by professionals, at the coach's expense.

    It is important to make it clear that CVA does not intervene in both situations. It is the Coach who must decide whether to carry out the procedure personally or to hire the above-mentioned services.


    As for countries that are not signatories of the Hague treaty, we suggest submitting your request to the relevant authority in the country where you live at present.

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