The Asociación de Técnicos del Fútbol Argentino (ATFA) is proud to announce that we have been asked to take over the Football Coach Courses previously delivered at Asociación del Fútbol Argentino (AFA), by Mr. José D’Amico. Back then the provinces demanded a federal extension of the courses, which made the Asociación de Técnicos create new ones in the towns whose Football Leagues, due to the local necessities, asked for a Coach School.

In this way, people all over the country received the essential training to teach the techniques, tactics, laws of the game, etc., for the correct education of those who will, in turn, train the numerous football enthusiasts throughout Argentina, especially the coaches destined to work with children and adolescents. They have set up clubs and other institutions, countless Football Schools which also fulfil the important task of complementing and supporting parents and schools, contributing to keep youths away from modern scourges, such as idleness, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and the outcoming crime.

But the Asociación del Fútbol Argentino was not satisfied merely with that. We also undertook a complete updating of the syllabuses by forming a working team which, during a semester,Swiss Replica Watches created an up-to-date programme in keeping with the development of the most important sport in the world.

The result of all this was the appearance of Coaches who became well-known not only in Argentina but also in Latin America and the world. The following are outstanding representatives: World Champions, César Luis Menotti, Carlos Salvador Bilardo, José Néstor Pekerman; Intercontinental Champions, Juan José Pizzuti, Juan Carlos Lorenzo, Osvaldo Juan Zubeldía, Roberto Ferreira, Héctor Veira, José Omar Pastoriza, Carlos Bianchi and Francisco Ferraro. And, many other icons in the most important world Leagues.

This is the reason why innumerable enthusiastic students from Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, and even from the remote Sweden, Japan and Australia made the sacrifice of coming to Argentina and staying here for two years! to do the most prestigious Coach Courses.

The Asociación de Técnicos has always been at the forefront of the specialized training of Coaches, so we have decided to take advantage of the advances of technology and informatics. After receiving the best counselling we have launched to the world of football our Extension Courses, with the most modern syllabuses, the best and most distinguished teachers and with state-of-the-art technology.

On the move! We continue organizing courses for those Coaches around the world who request them and, at the same time, we go on with our social work, educating those who will be in turn future teachers of football techniques as well as models of morality and ethics, inherent to thorough footballers.

Having said this, we look forward to hearing from all football supporters, trusting we won’t let you down. We thank you in advance for having chosen us.

Yours faithfully, franck muller replica watches




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