Professional Football Coach Degree

Professional Football Coach Degree
  • Length

    2 years

    1st Year-minimum age: 25 years old, or being 25 within 12 months from the first day of class.

    2nd Year-minimum age: 26 years old, or being 26 within 12 months from the first day of class.

  • Requirements

    • ? to be sent electronically (scanned) during the registration period:
    • ? Certificate of Study: High School transcript.
    • ? Identification: 1st and 2nd page of Government issued ID, or 1st and 2nd page of Passport.
    • ? Medical Authorization: stating that the candidate is able to do physical activity.
    • ? Photo: jpg. format.

  • Curriculum

    • ? 1st Year/1st Level – Youth Instructor
    • ? Subjects in order: Effective Communication: Techniques and Strategies – Biological and Physiological Basis of Sports Training - Introduction to Sports Psychology - Physical Preparation & Training I – Introduction to Neuroscience – Basic Concepts of Technique and Coaching - Pedagogical fundamentals and Didactics of sports training - Technique and Coaching applied to football for children – Teaching Practice I - Tactic Basic Concepts - Neuroscience applied to Training - Tactical systems and Training - Teaching Practice II - Regulations and Refereeing – Basic Principles of sports management.
    • ? 2nd Year/2nd Level – Professional Level
    • ? Subjects in order: Sports Medicine – Sports Psychology - Physical Preparation & Training II – Sports management applied to Professional football - Technique and Coaching applied to Youth and Professional football – History of Football Worldwide - Technique and Coaching - History of football: systems, teams and players - Tactics applied to Youth and Professional football – Football practice in different areas – Tactics –Integration Techniques for Final Exam

  • Admission Exam

    The main objectives of the exam are:

    1) that the candidate gains a full understanding of all requirements of working within an online educational environment specific to ATFA Campusvirtual.

    2) that the candidate becomes familiar with self-study by replicating some of the assignments within ATFA Campusvirtual.

    The Exam consists of two parts:

    1) Multiple Choice World Cup Football Exam: 10 multiple choice questions focusing on events of all World Cups

    2) Reading and Written Assignments focusing on Written Expression and Reading Comprehension.

    Within the virtual classroom, students will be able to upload essential documents to their computer such as the Tutorial, Methods of Payment, Payment Instructions, Correct Visualization of Campusvirtual, and Assignments with Due Date.

  • Specifications

    1. Online Section: all courses are offered and completed online and the Program last 24 months. A student may suspend his/her participation in the program, only if he/she has finished the current course he/she is currently taking, and later he/she may be able to restart the program but on a subsequent session within 90 days.

    1. If the student does not pass the minimum requirements of the course, he will be able to continue with classes, having later a second and a third chance: Make up exam/Retake the class.

    2. On site Section: upon successfully passing the Online Section at the end of 24 months, students must take a mandatory Onsite Final. The Final is cumulative and will consist of two components: technical and theoretical. All evaluations of technical subjects will be done on a football field and all theoretical subjects will be done in an onsite classroom. Onsite locations will be in an assigned city by ATFA or at ATFA’s main campus in Argentina: Viamonte 1328 1o Of. 13 y 3o Of. 16- Buenos Aires.

    3. The student will have to pass both, the online and the on site parts in order to obtain the Football Coach Professional License. Students must take the final within 3 months after completing the Online Section or as specified by ATFA according to Final Exam Schedules.

    4. If a student is in the 2 year program, the Youth License will NOT be granted until the Onsite Final is completed at the end of the course.

    5. If a student is in the 1 year program, the Onsite Final will taken within 3 months after the 12 month Online section has been successfully completed or as specified by ATFA Campusvirtual.

    6. ATFA Campusvirtual is formed by its Faculty, the Academic Office, Administrative Staff and Technical Department.

    7. Students in North America ONLY: Students residing in North America (USA or Canada) will have the option to register for the ATFA Campusvirtual Local Program which provides additional support from a local ATFA Faculty member and allows the student the option to take the On Site Final Exam in an ATFA authorized city. Fees and Schedule are outlined in Fee Section.

    8. In ATFA Campusvirtual, classes are equivalent to those in regular on site institutions, starting its courses every month so that students may start their classes on time. Corum Admiral's Cup replica

    9. The program consists of courses in a specific pre-requisite order as stated by ATFA Campusvirtual, which may be modified according to ATFA Campusvirtual criteria and choice.

    10. At the same time, each course and its written materials will be published in a Class format.

    11. Each course has a specific limited time-span.

    12. The course publication will be done in a sequential mode.

    13. The sum of all modules, will determine the end of the course and the beginning of the new one, repeating the cycle until the completion of 9 courses in the First Level and 7 courses in the Second Level.

    14. Support Tools: Students will have unrestricted access to a free section where Faculty for the technical courses will exhibit different animated exercises.

    Assignment with Due Dates: Franck Muller Cintree Curvex replica in the Latest News Section of the Online Educational Site, ATFA Campusvirtual, students will access Assignments with Due Dates, which will present all activities with all details including the name of class/activity, due dates and days left to submit assignments. A color coded system has been created to alert the student as due dstes approach.

    Educational Videos: students of ATFA Campusvirtual will have access to Educational Videos which serve as a complement to the technical courses. In these videos, the actual professors of each course will exihbit Campusvirtual 3D: this new software program has been integrated into the course in order to facilitate the creation of illustrations that are required for assignments required by Professors in the technical course modules. This software include 5 Help Sections, both in audio and video.

    Practical classes (optional for students living in Argentina): All ATFA Campusvirtual students may attend the practical classes that are offered at ATFA’s Main Campus located the facilities of Club Atletico River Plate in Nu?ez, Buenos Aires. Students may participate in any of the physical activities as long as they have submitted a Doctor’s Certificate certifying Physical Fitness and has been authorized by the Academic Department. Onsite classes are based on the format decided upon by ATFA. All classes are also dependent on weather conditions since they conducted outdoors.

  • Evaluations and Grades

    ATFA Campusvirtual will use the following methods to evaluate and grade students:

    ? Online connection: we suggest to sign-on on a daily basis in order to be aware of any news or updates.

    ? Messaging: the student will contact the Professor of the assigned course with any question regarding the published study materials so that the Professor will be able to respond to him/her within 48/72 hours. Students in North America who have registered for the local program will have also access to a local support ATFA Faculty member who will be assigned at the beginning of the course to supplement the main Professor.

    ? Forum: active participation in this space where the Professor will post topics related to the course and other relevant information.

    ? Multiple choice: exams will be in quiz and final exam formats. Each quiz and final exam will have an allocated time to complete, at the end of the established time or when the students finishes the exam, the system will publish the grade automatically, and 6 is the passing grade.

    ? Assignments: assignments are due within the professor’s established time period. Each assignment is evaluated and graded by the Course Professor. 6 is the passing grade.

    ? Final Assignments: Final Assignments are issued at the end of a stage, or a subject course. They may include questions, research assignments, and exercises, just to name a few examples. 6 is the passing grade.

    ? The final grade of each course is the average grade from the multiple choices and the assignments.

    ? Make ups: students that don’t meet the objectives at the end of the course will have a make up chance but must have passed 75% of multiple choice exams and 75% of assignments.

    ? Retaking the course: If a student fails the course (under 75%), he/she will have to retake it. In this case, he/she will have to repay all fees (including all monthly fees) according to the course length.

    ? On site Final Exam given in Buenos Aires-Argentina: two parts, theory and practice referred to the material published by the Academic Office. The theoretical part will include written and oral exams. The practical part will include assignments/excercises that the student will have to develop on the football field. There are Eight (8) scheduled Onsite Final Exams in a Calendar Year. Length of Exam: 1 week. Upon passing the student will be awarded documents with official accreditation as a Professional Football Coach:

    1. Youth Instructor Diploma

    2. Professional Football Coach Diploma

    3. Analytic Assessment

    4. All grades for both Online Section and Onsite Section

    * On site Final Exam for North American residents: Consists of the same as the above but will take place in an assigned city by ATFA. Length of Exam: 2-4days. Exam schedule will be published in Online Educational Site.

    All Final Exams must be taken within 3 months of finalizing the complete Online Section. Expiration time will begin on the 1st of the month following finalization of the Online Section.

  • Registration

    To register for ATFA Campusvirtual the student will need to complete the following steps:

    1-Registration of Personal Information.

    * Go to: www.atfacampusvirtual.com

    * Click on Enter Online Educational Site- CampusVirtual.

    * Click on Sign In – there is help on: How do I sign in?

    * Enter all required information. Click on Send, and then Accept

    * Afterwards the system will send you an email, which the candidate must confirm, and only then you will be able to register for the course, starting with:

    2-Registration for the Admission Test

    * www.atfacampusvirtual.com (English)

    * Click on Enter CampusVirtual (Online Educational Site)

    * Enter username and password

    * Go to field labeled “Career”, select “TESTS” from the drop-down window

    * Select Diagnostic Exam under Course and click on “Preinscription”

    * Confirm Preinscription

    * At this point, Administrative staff will contact the student

  • Course Fees

    The Online Section for the Professional Coach Degree requires 2 registration payments (one per year) and 22 monthly payments. For Students registered in North America Local Program: payments can be made on a monthly basis or the course can be paid in full which includes a discounted rate.

    1st Year Fees for People Residing in North America

    * 1 fee of US$ 300.- Due on enrollment.

    * 23 monthly payments of US$ 300.- Payable between the 1st and 10th of every month.

    * 2 fees of US$ 300.- Final Exam Fee.

    * Methods of Payment: Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard) or Bank Wire (ask for details).

    Payment dates

    There are two different possibilities to pay the fees within the month:

    * 1st to 10th – no overcharges.

    * 11th to 20th – 5% overcharge.

    Students who are delinquent with payments, will be denied access to the Online Educational Site, and assignments with due dates will continue to run along their deadlines.

    Mandatory Attendance Final Exam Fee

    Access to the Onsite Final Exam will be the equivalent of two Monthly Payments.

    The final exam for Students studyng in English will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Any additional costs for hotel and airfare will be responsibility of the student. Options for accommodations will be provided.

  • Contact Us

    For additional inquiries or information please contact:

    ? Mr. Leo Samaja leosamaja@atfa.com.ar - +55 48 9 9192-1981

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